Blue Lake Cruises on Finland's Lake Saimaa

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Lake Saimaa – the most beautiful venue in Finland

What can you do on a Lake Saimaa cruise? Luxurious dinner watching the sunset,  a family gathering, lunch in Linnansaari National Park, a special occasion for your key clients, or spotting Saimaa Ringed Seals in the lunch break of a long seminar day.

The breath-taking scenery around the Linnansaari National Park provides an unforgettable setting for your next occasion and is also the home of the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal.

With Blue Lake Cruises, you can rent the boat and its crew for a unique Ringed Seal photo shooting cruise or a fishing trip.

The boat and its whole crew at your service

No matter what type of cruise you're planning, you can rent the whole boat for yourself from us.

The duration, departure and arrival locations, catering and additional programme are always tailored according to your wishes and requirements.

The boat is docked at Rantasalmi, which is located close to Järvisydän Hotel & Spa, Oravi and Linnansaari National Park.

We offer cruises to nearby locations in the Savonlinna area, such as Linnavuori Hill Fort and other Geopark attractions.  

The boat has a fully licensed restaurant and our restaurant prepares the food from local ingredients.

The boat is registered for 60 people and there are dining places for 40 persons.

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